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QLD GOVERNTMENT POLICY ON FOAM  -  Qld Government Draft policy covering the the environmental impact of here to read more

Section 9.1 – General Compliance Timelines - page 41:"Foams containing long-chain fluorinated organic compounds such as PFOA, PFOA precursors and higher homologues must be replaced as soon as practicable with a fluorine-free or C6-compliant foam. While this is being implemented interim measures must be put in place as soon as possible to prevent releases of foam to the environment. Note that new generation pure C6 foams must be fully contained, must not be discharged to the environment (including bodies of water, soils or groundwater) and any wastes must be properly disposed of."

Page 12 – Precursors and partial degradation (PFOA and PFOA precursors) - "Given the relatively rapid degradation of 8:2 fluoroteleomers to PFOA in the environment the release of foam that contains these PFOA precursor compounds is effectively regarded as a release of PFOA to the environment as the PFOA precursor compounds can have relatively short half-lives (e.g. as short as 10.3 days for 8:2 fluorotelomer stearate monoester [57])….. Effectively some foams advertised as “PFOA and PFOS free” may not remain PFOS or PFOA-free for very long once put into use and partial degradation occurs. Under the Policy foams containing PFOA and/or its precursors and their higher homologues are required to be withdrawn from service as soon as it is practicable and disposed of properly."

Section 4.4 mobile plant and Hand Held extinguishers – Page 23 : "The practice of releasing fluorinated foam wastes to the ground during discharge tests of mobile plant systems is not acceptable and a breach of environmental regulations. That is, it is a direct, wilful and entirely avoidable release to the environment of a variety of long-chain fluorinated compounds [13,12] that are known to be indefinitely-persistent and highly dispersible pollutants with the potential for health and environmental impacts though releases to bodies of water, groundwater, air or via contaminated soils and dust. They also represent a human health risk. Foam wastes containing fluorinated organic compounds need to be collected, stored, transported and disposed of as regulated wastes with destruction by high temperature incineration or other acceptable means meeting regulatory requirements."

Similarly, biodegradable fluorine-free foams must not be released in a way that they are likely to cause environmental harm, such as by BOD impacts and acute toxicity effects if allowed to enter a body of water or groundwater. However, fully biodegradable foams with no persistent toxic contaminants may be able to be appropriately treated and disposed of on-site or at local waste treatment and disposal facilities."

Section 4.3 Ports, Shipping and Offshore facilities – page 22: "Where such a direct release to the aquatic environment is unavoidable the use of firefighting foams containing fluorinated organic compounds of any sort is not acceptable due to its persistence in the environment. Only fully degradable foam that does not contain any persistent toxic compounds is acceptable for applications where there is a direct release to the aquatic environment. Short-term acute impacts, even if locally severe, are far preferable to the risk of long-term impacts that cannot be remediated with persistent toxic contaminants"

Page 37 – Policy Implementation: "The General EnvironmentalDuty (GED) under existing environmental legislation requires that any person, corporation or organisation carrying out an activity must take all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent or minimise the potential for the activity to cause environmental harm, having regard tothe current state of technical knowledge for the activity and other relevant matters. Failure to comply with the GED obligations under the legislation could result in statutory action by the regulatory authority. Similarly knowingly causing environmental harm through the release of a pollutant is an offence that can result in statutory action by the regulatory authority."




STATEMENT OF COMPLIANCE  - Solberg Foam concentrates DO NOT contain PFOS or PFOA based fluorosurfactants here to read more

ENVIRONMENTAL here to read more