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Fire Blankets
Australian Standard Approved fire blankets to AS3504.
No manufacturers name on the front of the soft vinyl red pouch.
- 1M x 1M fire blanket
- 1.2M x 1.8M fire blanket

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SAI Approval

Escape Ladders
Steel Chain Construction.
Max hold weight 150kg
Easy fold for under bed storage.
4.5M length.
Inlays to hold ladder from the wall - easier climbing

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Cato Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
Fire Extinguisher Cabinet, as manufactured by Cato, Inc. with cabinet body injection molded of linear, high density red or white virgin high-impact polystyrene of .110 wall thickness with ultra-violet inhibitors and high-impact crystal polystyrene .100 wall thickness one-piece cover.

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Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Alarms
Battery Operated alarm which will activate once any extinguisher is removed from a cabinet.  Very useful in areas where tampering with equipment is prevalent.

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Fire Extinguisher Location Signs
Location Signs provide visual reference for the location of installed extinguishers.
Fire Extinguisher ID Signs
ID Signs provide visual reference for the location of installed extinguishers as well as providing information on the extinguisher type and the classes of fires that it can be used for.
Extinguisher Plastic Covers
Heavy Duty Plastic Covers - available for both 4.5kg and 9.0kg units.  These bags are an inexpensive way to protect extunguishers which will provide a basic level of protection from the elements.
Stainless Steel Vehicle Brackets
Will suit most larger extinguishers 4.5kg, 6kg, 9kg all types.
Stainless Steel construction makes bracket resistant to corrosion.

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Extinguisher Service Items
Security Seals - replacements seals to keep travel pins in place
Extinguisher Service Tags
AS 1851 Service Tags - these available in Plastic, Aluminium or Steel

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Fire Trace