Ideal for Raised Platforms such as HELICOPTER PADS large volume CO2 protection in either 50lb or 100lb.  Rugged construction and easy to operate with a quick opening handle valve and horn mounted shut off valve.  A logical choice in areas where a non contaminating agent is required and where hand portable extinguishers are insufficient.
Model 333 334
Applicator Hose and Horn with Shut off Valve
Agent CO2
UL Rating 20B : C
Operating Temperature -40° - +120°F / -40° - +40°C
Discharge Time Sec. 44 74
Capacity 50lb / 22.7kg 100lb / 45kg
Shipping Specifications
Shipping Weight (Empty) kg 117 209
Dimensions mm 1200(h) x 580(w) x 1220(d)
Product Specifications
Hose Length m 4.5 12
Hose Diameter mm 60
Wheels Full Pneumatic mm 410 x 100
Features :  
Brass Valve Constuction
U.L. Listed
US Coast Guard Approved


Model 333 50lb Wheeled complete with 4.5m Hose

Model 334 100lb Wheeled complete with 12m Hose

Extension Wand
Part No. X-6502009
Customised Wand Lengths available

Optional 12m Extended Hose for Model 333 Wheeled Unit
Part No. J-09545

Stationery Mount