Amerex Recharge Agents

Part Number Unit Description
550 50lb Pail ABE Recharge Powder - MAP 95%
512 50lb Pail BE Recharge Powder - MAP 90%
515 50lb Pail Purple K Recharge Powder - MAP 93% fluidised and siliconised potassium bicarbonate
545 50lb Pail Class D - Recharge powder sodium chloride based for alloy, magnesium fires
548 50lb Pail Class D - Recharge powder copper based for lithium fires
530 6 Lit Wet Chemical - Special potassium acetate based, low PH


Recharge Agent Brochure


Amerex powders are foam compatible so do not mix with other powder when unsure of chemical makeup.

Amerex powders have high active ingredients - note MAP for ABE is 95%, Sodium Bicarbonate in BE is 90% and Purple K is 93%.

Amerex powders and Agents are UL (Underwriters Laboratory) tested, separately from the extinguisher. Amerex guarantees that this % of active ingredients will be in each extinguisher and recharge pack.

Amerex recharge powders are supplied in plastic reseal able and reusable pails, safety ante tamper seals, 50lb (23kg) pails, steel handle for ease of handling around the workshop.

IMPORTANT - Do not mix ABE and BE powders - the reaction creates pressure within the cylinder which is increased with heat and can result in the extinguisher exploding.